I am Derek Major, founder of Eligeo CRM Inc, philanthropist, husband, father, avid hockey fan and absolutely in love with small business.

You can reach me on Twitter, LinkedIn or by email.

Eligeo Business Solutions

Although I’ve started many other smaller businesses over the years, EBS is by far the most successful and my first “million dollar” business. It’s where I spend most of my time these days. You can visit Eligeo’s website for more information.

Small Business

I absolutely love small business. It’s something that I haven’t quite been able to master delivering valuable and affordable services to but it is something I will 100% deliver to one day.

Why do I love ❤️ small business? It’s because I own one. It’s because I realize the challenges that are associated with running one. The do or die, the sacrifice we make and the many hats that we have to wear.

My current business Eligeo was supposed to do that and we tried hard with CRM software. It really is a difficult nut to crack with small business and unfortunately Eligeo is now more focused on larger small/medium sized businesses I haven’t given up hope trying to solve their challenges one day too.

Other Projects

Over the years I’ve worked on a number of side projects either through Eligeo or outside including:

  • RPG-Net – Now defunct gaming website that I managed back in the late 90’s.
  • Illigio – A web hosting business I started in early 2000’s just because I wanted to have a hosting business.
  • TealCRM – A small free CRM that was available for small businesses.
  • There’s always other stuff in the wings..